...masquerading as "opt-in lists" or subscriptions

The problem with the "opt-in" system is abuse by many marketers. Often, the "opt-in" email list is really a list created by email address harvesters and sold as "opt-in". Those emails, by the Federal Trade Commision's definition, are Unsolicited Commercial Emails (UCEs) or spam.

The problem with "opt-out" instructions is twofold: firstly, no one should have to spend the time to read and follow opt-out instructions 20-30 times per day, and secondly, the "opt-out" essentially fails most of the time, because the marketer continues to spam from their other domains, and additionally, sells your email address to still more spammers.

Spams sent to this address are unsolicited, and as such are forwarded to the Federal Trade Commission, as well as all relevant Internet Service Providers, Email providers and email relays, in an effort to put an end to the widely abused "Opt-in" system.

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